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B.C. Urban School Groups

Why choose an Outward Bound Canada program for your students?

In a world where screens dominate attention, today’s youth face unique challenges as they move into the future. While technology has undoubtedly opened doors, it has also disconnected young people from the natural world, leaving them lacking important social and emotional skills. Our outdoor education programs address this by going beyond the classroom to foster resilience, teamwork, and adaptability – qualities that are essential for success in higher education and the professional world.

  • Immersive, hands-on learning
  • Wide range of programs in urban, wilderness, and facilities, in all seasons
  • Custom or “off the shelf” options available
  • A team ready to help with logistics, planning and execution (we also provide gear!)
  • Exceptional risk management
  • High-quality, certified instructors
  • Curriculum alignment

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