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Why Us

Today’s youth are facing significant challenges as they navigate their future. With a heavy reliance on technology for both school and leisure, many lack the necessary social and emotional skills required to thrive when they enter post-secondary education and the workforce. They are also disconnected from the natural world and the holistic benefits that come from participating in outdoor activities. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, youth are even more isolated than before, due to restrictions on physical interaction and a focus on remote learning. As the impact of COVID-19 continues, we know that youth from low-income households, as well as many who are Black, Indigenous, people of colour, and LGBTQ2+, will be impacted disproportionately. This will leave them at a disadvantage without additional access to critical resources and support.

Outward Bound Canada is committed to helping Canadian youth change the trajectory of their lives. With young people desiring to thrive in an unpredictable and changing world, OBC, a registered charity, offers social-emotional education through experiential adventures in the outdoors. Since 1969, OBC has inspired over 200,000 participants, with a particular emphasis on providing greater access to those facing socioeconomic barriers, to discover their potential. These experiences develop resilience, social competence, and environmental awareness to contribute to a better, more compassionate, and resilient society.

In addition to courses available for individual registration, OBC partners with Indigenous Nations, schools, universities, community groups, government agencies, corporate groups and learning institutes across Canada to provide a wide range of programs so that youth from diverse backgrounds can explore nature. They are encouraged by our highly skilled instructors who are trained in risk management to conduct expeditions in a challenging and supportive manner. 

Backpack-Icon-graphic 70% Increased resiliency
Compass-Icon-graphic 77% Increased leadership
Fire-Icon-graphic 70% Increased compassion
Tent-Icon-graphic 90% Want to do another Outward Bound course

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to cultivate resilience, leadership, connections and compassion through inspiring and challenging journeys in the natural world.

Our vision is for a healthy, resilient society formed through lasting connections to self, others and the natural world.


For centuries, the term “Outward Bound” described a ship as it left the harbour and headed out to face the challenges and risks of the open sea. For the sailors, it implied commitment to a long journey, and of course, adventure. Today “Outward Bound” means much more than this. In 1941, the first Outward Bound courses were launched in Wales for sailors, students, apprentices and cadets. Click here to learn more about our history.

Supporters & Partners

Outward Bound Canada is grateful to our many donors and corporate partners who enable us to provide our transformational programs to youth and young adults across the country. Click here to view a list of our key partners.

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