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The wonderful thing about outdoor education is that often the test comes first and the lesson comes second.

- James, OBC Instructor


Outward Bound Canada offers programs designed to meet the needs of students who are independent, interested in the outdoors and academically motivated. Our goal is to create a supportive community, which recognizes and values every student. The objective of the program is to build a strong sense of self and community through active and authentic experiences that foster academics, a celebration of diversity, and personal growth using an integrated adventure-oriented delivery.

We believe that the development of self-esteem and self-confidence in students is paramount to a successful learning experience. Our program encourages students to live, work and learn co-operatively, and to value each other’s strengths and differences. We provide students with tremendous opportunities and support to challenge themselves and to succeed.

Outward Bound encourages a deeper understanding and appreciation for the environment. Environmental issues and concerns are a part of the program, ranging from no-trace camping on expeditions to larger global issues facing us all.


  • More can be learned by presenting problems rather than solutions or methods
  • A person grows by contributing to the community
  • Commitment to the achievement of goals is strengthened when individuals are empowered and self-managed
  • People work best when they share a common motivation and respect each other’s back grounds, perspectives and strengths
  • Growth requires a willingness to take conscious risks and face new challenges
  • Learning is heightened in environments which require people to take direct responsibility for themselves and others

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70% of students increased resiliency
67% of students increased leadership
60% of students increased compassion
9/10 students want to do another Outward Bound course