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There are many qualities that one must foster in order to be a great Outward Bound instructor. We help facilitate life-changing, transformative experiences for our participants so, in the end, they are the ones leading the trip and their own lives.

- John, Instructor

Jobs With OBC

Outward Bound Canada’s greatest asset is our instructional staff. Accomplished outdoor educators with extensive technical and facilitation skills, and the passion and compassion to inspire students to learn, our instructors come from all walks of life with a vast array of talents and experiences. Some have worked extensively in outdoor education, while others come from university programs or other career paths. We value group facilitation skills, life experience, passion, dedication, resiliency, and teaching ability as highly as technical proficiency.

Instructors working with Outward Bound Canada

As a leader in outdoor, experiential education, Outward Bound Canada offers a diverse selection of working opportunities in scenic and remote wilderness or urban areas. Our busiest season is from April to October, with winter and year-round programs on offer only in select regions. We accept instructor resumes year-round.

At Outward Bound Canada, each region conducts its own staff training before the start of the summer season. Successful instructor applicants will be selected to attend these trainings in BC, the Rockies, or Ontario. In BC and the Rockies, this is a four or five-day training program for instructors who have been offered contracts.

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