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With work and family taking up so much time, I really needed this opportunity to unwind and recentre myself. This course helped me reconnect with the values that drive my life.

- Adult Participant

Unplug, unwind and get away from your everyday with an adventure that will show you there’s more in you than you ever imagined.

This summer, do something for yourself that will not only allow you to make memories to last a lifetime, but will also give you a much needed break to disconnect from the hectic digital world and reconnect with the natural world… and with yourself.

Research shows that taking time to shut down our devices and connect with nature and with ourselves, can have a powerful and lasting impact on our physical and mental health. Our summer adventures are the perfect way to “Get out. Look in.” and experience all that Canada has to offer.

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Magnetic north pole reach beyond expedition

Experience the best of Canada this summer and take on an adventure you’ll remember for the rest of your life… one with the potential to even change your life. Whether you’re deciding on a career path or looking to discover your authentic self, these courses can help you figure out your direction in life.

Immerse yourself wholly into a new experience in the natural world that is both restorative and empowering, and explore one of the world’s most breathtaking seascapes, all while tapping into your own unique strengths and abilities.

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