Age 19+
Duration 1 day +
Location Toronto Or Northern Ontario
Options Available Year-Round
Courses / Custom Professional Development Programs

Custom Professional Development Programs

There are a lot of Professional Development opportunities in the marketplace.  Companies, organizations, school boards and institutions that choose Outward Bound Canada are typically looking for something different.  Outward Bound Canada provides powerful and fun learning opportunities. We work with you to custom design a Program based on your specific goals and objectives that helps to enhance leadership, develop a high-performing team, create a climate conducive to innovation, and reinforce ongoing learning initiatives.

As every organization has its own culture, needs, and training objectives, our services can be offered using a variety of exciting and engaging learning tools in a multitude of venues and environments.  To create a program that works for you and your organization, please contact our Professional Development Program Coordinator at


Outward Bound Canada is a not-for-profit, charitable, educational organization. Our goal is to increase the ability of Canadian residents to access Outward Bound Canada’s impactful programs. In order to support this goal, Outward Bound Canada offers funding designed to assist participants and their families with financial barriers to participation. If you would like to learn more, please visit our Fund Your Adventure page.

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