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Izzy’s story: navigating the future with confidence

Clifton, a teacher from Burnaby Youth Hub School, recently shared his story about how participating in OBC’s programs has helped him develop strong relationships with his students, which is foundational to their development and growth.

Below is his student Izzy’s story, in her own words, about how her OBC experiences have helped her navigate the pandemic and prepare for her future with confidence.

Navigating the disruption caused by the pandemic has been difficult. I don’t work well online; I can’t concentrate, and my mind is constantly wandering from schoolwork. Like thousands of other young people, I feel stressed about my future as I try to figure out how to graduate and how to set myself up for success for the next few years. However, the learnings and skills developed through my experiences with Outward Bound have made it easier to cope with this pandemic.

Thanks to the support of generous donors and partners, I have been able to go on three courses with OBC through my school. After each trip, I come back happier, more confident and physically, emotionally, and mentally healthier.

The connections I was able to develop with myself, my peers and my teachers are irreplaceable. My family and friends have noticed that I’ve improved in my focus, leadership and patience. Even my motivation (which can be hard for me to find sometimes) gets a boost!

While I feel anxious about not knowing what comes next, my increased resilience and ability to cope with challenging situations have helped me reduce my stress and have the confidence to move forward.

My OBC experiences have taught me that challenging times can lead to the deepest learnings. While the future remains uncertain, it’s not as scary as I think it is. It can just be a bit confusing and disorienting, but like on a hike, we’ll navigate it together and eventually, we’ll make it to the top where we can admire all we’ve accomplished.

If you can, please donate today to help other young people like me access OBC’s programs, and develop the skills needed to navigate their future with confidence. Thank you!


As we prepare to get youth back out into nature this summer, your support is greatly needed to help ensure we have the resources to continue adapting to the unexpected and provide safe and empowering experiences to more young people like Izzy.

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