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How OBC experiences help my students succeed

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As an educator, Clifton knows that developing strong relationships with students is foundational to their learning and growth. Due to the disruption of education and opportunities for meaningful connection, many students are at risk of becoming disconnected and disengaged. In the letter from Clifton below, he describes how accessing OBC’s programs has helped foster a strong relationship between peers and teachers, and how this translates back into the school community.

Hi there,

My name is Clifton. I’m a teacher at Burnaby Youth Hub School, part of the district’s Learning Pathways program which helps meet the needs of students who have had challenges succeeding at traditional high schools.

I have participated in Outward Bound Canada’s programs with students from my school since 2017, including Izzy, who recently joined me for OBC’s first speaker series event with Angela Duckworth.

As an educator, I know that strong relationships are foundational to a student’s ability to develop the skills and competencies needed to manage their learning and well-being. But with distanced learning taking place online, a pause on many extended learning opportunities, and reduced access to supportive, developmental relationships, many students—especially those who face multiple barriers to learning—are at risk of becoming more disconnected and disengaged.  

Some of the best experiences I’ve had with students have been on trips with Outward Bound. The inclusive nature of the trips facilitates a feeling of belonging and well-being that many of our students have never experienced before. The challenges we overcome together in a unique learning environment foster strong, supportive relationships between peers and teachers, which are transferred back into our school community and set the foundation for growth in learning, leadership, resilience, connections and compassion.

Without the support of OBC’s generous donors and partners, our students could not participate in these impactful programs. Due to increasing financial pressures on schools and families as a result of the pandemic, I fear that these much-needed experiences will be out of reach for the students who need them most.

Please donate today to help more students from all walks of life access these transformational opportunities. Even better, any gifts made before July 10 will be matched by OBC’s Board of Directors!*

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Thank you for your generosity,

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Clifton Huxtable
Teacher, Burnaby Youth Hub

P.S. I have seen first-hand the positive impact OBC’s programs can have on young people. Please donate today to help more young people access these transformative experiences.

*All donations will be matched up to a total amount of $50,000 by our board of directors.